August 26, 2010

Full of Grace

Unfortunately, I don't have any finished yarn to show you guys today. I had really planned on finishing my plying last night, photograph it today and then post, know how life goes!

I'm actually in the middle of plying my two singles and everything is going great except for, one of my singles maybe shorter than the other....oops? So I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that.

Last Friday, I convinced my boyfriend to buy me some really nice fiber from Corgi Hill Farm. I got the Amur Maple (75% BFL and 25% Tussah Silk).  The fiber came with a sample of their polwarth and some candies. How sweet is that? This roving just screams fall to me, and thus fall socks are going to be made out of this. I spun a little of it on Lucie last night and it spins like butter and the color is so vibrant.

I am also being inspired by geometry in nature.
I have a cousin, Liza, who is turning 7 next month, so I have started to make her present. I saw this 12 pointed star on Knitting Daily TV and thought it was really cute and would make a nice little accent for a child's room. Plus, none of her snot nosed friends would have one ;)


  1. Yes, it's going FTP on September 8 for previous users, Sept. 10 for new ones. I love it! I'm only a level 15 so far, but it's so cool and tons of fun (I have friends that play, and my husband started over with a new character so we could do fellowships and stuff together - awwww!).

  2. That's great! My boyfriend and I play WoW together on a free server. It's so much more fun to play when you know people :)