September 3, 2010

Mid Day Rantings

Today, I get to go to my LYS! I will spend my money, and probably some of my boyfriends money. I really do think that he should always buy me presents. Not expensive ones, but a skein of yarn or two. Or maybe a new pair of needles ^.^

It seems like at least once a month I am in the LYS buying different needles or more yarn. I have two huge storage tubs and 3 medium size containers full of yarn and yet, I don't ever have what I need for projects. Why is that?

An update on two socks at a time. I need the book or else this is not happening for me. I tried an online tutorial, got finished with the cuff, started doing the heel and got lost.

So, I have moved on to toe up socks. One at a time preferably. Maybe on two circular needles. I'm feeling a little daring and saucy today. So I will pick up two US size 0 needles (probably) 1 40" and 1 36". Who knows what I will actually walk out with.

Since this is a three day weekend coming up, I plan to knit knit knit and spin spin spin. I wish I had more that two hands/arms.


  1. So glad that you're feeling inspired! I love it when I have a chance to shop at my LYS- the possibilities are wonderful!

  2. I know most people prefer toe-up or top-down socks, but I like them both for different reasons! I love toe-ups for handspun sock yarn, because then I can use every. single. bit. But I like top-down because the leg doesn't seem nearly so long, at least to me. Also like both because it means I can knit whatever pattern I want, don't have to worry about not knowing the basic construction, you know?

  3. BentNeedle

    I've only done top down so far. This toe up thing is totally crazy to me, but I'm going with it. I understand the basic construction and you know what? I got the Toe up 2 at a time Sock book. The pictures are perfect and I am already in motion with some hand painted stroll yarn from KnitPicks.
    I also brushed up on some chart reading skills. I may have some cute lace socks to show for soon.