January 18, 2011

New Fiber Friends

Hello Everyone,

I want to give a big thanks to new readers and commenters. Your thoughts and time are very much appreciated.

Saturday, Evan and I went to a meeting for a local spinning guild. It was really fun! I met some really nice folks and I learned how to operate a drum carder. The guild was making mystery batts for the stitches west convention in February. I pitched in and it felt great to not only help them, but also do something new and seemingly unusual. I'd never even seen a batt before. I've only used roving or wool top and I can say now that I am a fan. The guild is going to have a booth at the convention and we signed up to teach people to spin on cd drop spindles. If the people like the spinning and want to donate to the guild they will get a free spindle and mystery batt. I also brought Amelia and she received a lot of compliments. I'm very happy to say that I am a serendipity spinner.

Yesterday, I started making a baby blanket for a friend. Originally I wanted to do a lace knit pattern, but the yarn I got was just not working. So, I am now crocheting it and I am very pleased. It is working up very fast and will be done by the time she comes to visit.

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  1. As a new follower I appreciate the shout out, but it is our pleasure. I'm luvin your blog.