May 26, 2010

Finals and Finales

Ya know, I'm not gonna lie. I love to watch television. There is a lot of interesting stuff out there and I know there are people who think watching t.v. is bad, but I particularly enjoy the time I spend with my family watching t.v.
With that being said, the past few weeks has been all about finals and finales for me. I finished all my finals for school, so summer is surely on it's way.
I know everyone has been raving about the Lost finale, and I'm not exactly going to join in, but I absolutely want to put in my two cents without boring everyone. All I will say, without trying to spoil anything for anyone, is that I really enjoyed the finale, I thought the writers wrapped up everything perfectly and I now feel like I have closure. I was sad to see the show go at first, but I think the ending stayed true to the show, the story, and the audience.
Also, I want to talk about something very big that happened to me. Something extraordinary. My boyfriend and I purchased bicycles!!!  I got a Schwinn Legacy  and it is the coolest bike I have ever owned.
So, this is a knitting blog, let's talk about knitting.

            • 5 Stitches per Inch Socks

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