May 3, 2010

Too much caffeine + Loneliness=

Hola amigos/amigas!

It's almost Cinco de Mayo...which I don't really know why that is relevant to a white woman such as myself. I guess my ethnically diverse community is rubbing off on me.

I've been slightly bored this weekend. I have the day off of school tomorrow, so I have made myself a list of things to do to occupy my day.

To Do Tomorrow:

  • Tidy up the living room
  • Paint my finger and toe nails (it's been like over a month lol)
  • Finish my amigurumi octopus (only need three more legs to make and sew them on and embroider his face)
  • look for a pattern for a crocheted cropped cardigan
So, for the most part I think I will be able to keep myself busy.

On a more random note, I've been thinking about all the friends I've made in my lifetime and how sometimes the path you chose in life draws you away from the people you care about. We now have several social networking websites that allows us to reconnect with those people you may have left behind. I guess the question I am proposing is, How or Can you actually rebuild those friendship via those social networking sites or should you live and let live? The end half I propose because I have been disappointed in the past by reconnecting with a friend that I thought was still the same girl I was best friends with in middle school and high school, but she was actually a very different person once she got to college. I guess it's just something to ponder and if anyone has any insight or experiences they are willing to share I would love it.

A bientôt!

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  1. hey,

    I have reconnected with people via Facebook too and I had some horrible experiences with that too, but that doesn't mean you have to give it up alltogether. Just because you had a bite in two or three rotten apples doesn't mean all your future apple bites will taste yuck.
    You shouldn't give up something that could be great.