June 21, 2010

First day of Summer

Summer is here! For me this means many things: sweltering heat, milkshakes, not being able to sleep, True blood, going to Santa Cruz, working, and planning out next semesters courses. Speaking of fall semester, I have already gotten myself registered. I'm going to take a class in XML and Javascript! *eek* This blog should be snazzier than ever when I am done!

I've been working on a small project. I had a revelation last night while working on this cell phone cozy. You know how bigger projects tend to take a good amount of time to complete? Well, small projects can take just as much time and concentration if you are working with thinner yarn and smaller needles. This statement is probably pretty obvious to most knitters, but it struck me as funny when I thought about it last night.

I finished my mom's hat a week ago and it came out beautifully.  I am definitely addicted to cables now! In fact the cell phone cozy I am making has lace and cables in the pattern :)

By the way, my laptop is still broken. I am borrowing other peoples computer in the mean time. Luckily enough my boyfriend doesn't mind sharing. I am so blessed.

Hope all you knitters and hookers are having a great week :D

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