July 28, 2010

Rambo Kitty

Hey y'all! 

I've been spinning like a madwoman with my spindle. My pack of cats are a little confused about it. They aren't sure if it's a toy or if it's a predator. Funny cats! I thought for sure they would be right in the middle of my spinning. My favorite cat, Gidget, she loves the smell of the wool. She just wants to lay on it and rub her face all over it. I made her a little red headband out of some roving. Now she looks like rambo kitty!

I've been quite the busy bee actually. I've been spinning. I also finished a pair of socks for Mary. They were actually supposed to be for me, but my gauge was a little off and they ended up being for her :]  I also finished a lapghan that I was making with speedstix and 4 strands of boucle yarn. It came out looking very yummy and soft. It's amazing to me how complex stockinette stitch can look if you use textured yarns. One of my pals could have sworn I did a 1x1 rib, but no, it's just plain stockinette. No blocking required!

I am now working on a pair of socks for myself. The cuff has baby cables, which are so effing cute by the way. I'd never done baby cables, but they are so simple and look amazing. I'm mixing and matching parts of socks from the Socks a La Carte book. I'm hoping that I might get the second one someday. I still haven't yet mastered the toe-up technique even though it really appeals to me.

I also wanted to mention that I got my ravelry progress bars up. I'd been trying to do that for so long and I couldn't really understand the cryptic instructions on the website. I finally found someone in the forums who knew what they were talking about and gave instructions clear enough that I could understand them. So ravelry progress bars up. I really want to add pictures, but I'm not sure how to do that yet. 

Hope you all are having a great week  :]

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  1. I do not knit, but I wish I did! Your stuff is so awesome. I would love to see a picture of your rambo kitty. I have a cat too but he just likes to chew my yarn in half when I am working on stuff. Crazy thing. :)