September 24, 2010

Burned out & Energized at the same time

I haven't been really knitting the past few days. I guess knitting every day for months straight has burned me out a bit. I am still being crafty though! I have been spinning. Lucie has been getting a good work out.

Also, I purchased an espresso machine at walmart(dot)com. A note about my personal views on walmart: I think they are quite the vile company and I hate what they are doing to small businesses, but I am also a student who makes a very small hourly wage and I could only afford to spend $50-$100 on an espresso machine. So that's why I bought it there.

My espresso machine is totally awesome though! I can brew two shots of espresso at once and I was able to make cappuccino foam on my first shot. Needless to say, I have been using this thing like a fiend and I am all hyper and cracked out all the time.

My mom flew down from Oregonia last night. I get to see her after I get off work and spend all weekend with her. I'm excited! I love my mom and honestly, it's hard for me to live 800 miles away from her. So this weekend should be fun, we have a birthday party to attend on Saturday and then Saturday night, we are going out to a little country western bar. Girls night out. Nothing crazy, but should be fun to catch up and see some other relatives I haven't seen for awhile.


  1. I totally feel the same way about Walmart. I HATE buying from them but sometimes, I just can't get the things I need online or anywhere else for a price that I can pay. We just don't have any other stores near us! (Probably because Walmart put them all out of business in this tiny town. *sigh*)

  2. Sarah-

    I live in a fairly big city, but I just can't afford much else. Blah blah blah...the economy sucks ya know? I hate walmart, but for me they are an evil I have to accept because I don't have many other options for my budget. When I win the lottery, I will never shop there again.