October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Things I have been doing lately:

  • Trying to catch up on homework and improve my grades.
  • Knitting a lace scarf for my mom for Christmas (I had originally planned on making her fingerless mitts but that turned out to be a little bit beyond my skill level right now).
  • Spinning some lovely Alpaca Merino Silk top on my Tibetan spindle.
  • Trying to read through Sense and Sensibility for the first time.

Happy Halloween Folks!


  1. pretty spinning yarn!

    I'm sorry about the fingerless mitts... do you do much knitting in the round? I'm SO a fan of two circulars instead of double pointed needles, if that helps you at all. :)

    Keep trying!

  2. Hey Sarah,

    All I knit is in the round except for a few things. I too prefer two circular to dpns. I will keep at it and see if I can make some progress.

  3. Beautiful spindle, beautiful spinning! I have a spindle from A Spinner's Lair too!