October 19, 2010

If I can justify it, I can buy it

I bought a Tibetan spindle on etsy last night from aspinnerslair.

I figured since I was getting a Russian, I might as well get a Tibetan too. My spindle family will be growing by three. The Russian that I'm getting from grippingyarn didn't exactly work out perfectly. Lisa said it became off balanced when she turned it and the monogramming wasn't up to her standards. She did say she would ship it to me and also another perfect Russian. So, that makes three new spindles that will be joining my family. Now I just have to think of names for them.


  1. I love that you're making yarn with a spindle! Do you have any books that are particularly helpful?

  2. Hey Kate,

    I've been reading Abby Franquemont's book; Respect the spindle. That book is just a wealth of information. I also get a lot of help from the folks on the ravelry board spindles.