October 10, 2010

Things to do!

Current Projects:

  1. Spinning the second half of my BFL/Silk Stash and then plying.
  2. Learning more about Supported Spindle Spinning.
  3. Finishing my striped beanie.
  4. Work on Evan's scarf.
  5. Get started spinning the new yak/merino blend from CorgiHillfarm.

I'm just as busy as ever. I made the pattern for the beanie you see there. It was a pretty simple knit and only took a few hours to work up.

I took my cat's to the vet today to get their shots. We had a whole cat choir in the car. All meowing this horribly sounding melody. Luckily they didn't escape when we let them out of the carriers and the whole trip only took an hour or so.

I'm still waiting for my russian spindle...very anxiously...

I am also waiting for my new phone to come in the mail. My mom bought me a Droid Incredible HTC. It's more technologically advanced than I am, but it should be fun to play around with and the camera is really good, or so I hear. I named the phone Zod, you must kneel before him!

So to kill all this time that I am waiting, I decided to take a break from the BFL and spin a sample of Cashmere/Merino. It is quite lovely and I might ply it with another sample of Silk.

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