April 2, 2010

Hey y'all.
Been awhile since I updated. I've been on spring break for the past week and have been knitting and crocheting ALOT!

Last night I completed my first sock ever :) It was a great experience and I will put up pictures soon. It's a pretty fugly sock...but it's my first and I will always love it. On the side, I am also making a crocheted half granny square shawl for guess who??? My grandma! She is quite old and is now living in a senior's center. She has Alzheimers and I want her to have something soft to cuddle up with. I am also still contracted to make two hats and a coworker wants me to make him a a head cover for his golf clubs.

I have good news! After lots of prodding, I have convinced my boyfriend to let me teach him how to knit. He doesn't have a lot of free time, but he is really good with his hands ;) He is studying to become an electrician and since I've taken up knitting he has been amazed by the articles I  produce. Hence, I am going to teach him how to knit, so one day he can make his own hats, or make stuff for me :)

Next time I will have pictures to share with you all. Hope everyone has a great Easter, I will be at the beach, relaxing in the sun.


  1. I've been trying to convince my hubby to learn to knit! How did you do it? My hubby is too busy playing PS3 to knit I guess :)

  2. Well I took him to the Stitches West convention with me, which I think showed him that it's "o.k" for dudes to knit. He was just really amazed with the scarves and simple hats I was making and I told him that he could make his own if he learned how to knit and that gave him a little incentive as well. Eventually we just set aside some time a weekend or two ago and he was so proud of himself when he conquered his first knit and purl rounds on a scarf.

    Since then he hasn't touched it, but I keep reminding him to practice or else I will have to teach him all over again :)