December 6, 2010

I've been working and doing a lot of school work lately. The end of the semester is fast approaching and I still have lots of stuff to do. I also have to think about next semester and what classes I am going to take. I was thinking about going to a trade school so I could get certified as a pharmacy tech, but the school I wanted to go to has not sent me the information I requested yet.

I purchased a Kundert Spindle for plying. It was a pretty good deal. I'm just awaiting for it to arrive in the mail. I tried to do a 2 ply on "Lucie the laceweight" but it just wasn't happening. I was trying to make a test skein for the spindlers  monthly challenge on ravelry. The theme this month is childhood and more often than not I think of the beach when I think about my childhood. My mom used to pull me out of school sometimes, just so we could go to the beach and watch the storms. With our situation at home, we both needed to get away sometimes. It just so happens that I have some bfl in some great teals and blacks and purples, so that is what I will be using. It spins up really nice on my Russian, but I'm having trouble plying it. Maybe someday I will learn how to chain ply perhaps?

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